Monday, January 31, 2005

Final eight headed to TV

Marcel ground as much pepper as he could out of the table. After hitting his two outer earlier in the day, he just couldn't hang on any more, pushing in the rest of his stack with K8. Chip-leader Mikael Westerlund called with A8 and Luske bid the players goodbye.

We also lost online qualifer, Pat McCarthy when his pair of fives lost to Westerlund's QT (a queen came on the river).

46,246 (Kroner)
10th-- Pat McCarthy, USA (acpro)

9th--Marcel Luske, Holland

Here is your final table, listed by seat number, with chip counts to the right.

Final Table

Seat one: Bambos Xanthos, 115,500
Seat two: Julian Thew, 163,500
Seat three: Dan Pedersen, 113,100
Seat four: Noah Boeken, 99,400
Seat five: Aleksander Cooper, 206,500
Seat six: Eirik Kolaas, 126,800
Seat seven: Ram Vaswani, 294,100
Seat eight: Mikael Westerlund, 435,000