Sunday, January 30, 2005

In-game chip report and the picture of the day

We've crossed from Saturday into Sunday. At 12:30am, we sit at 36 players. While the concept of an official chip-count is a little unruly right now, I did size up some stacks to determine who is out in front right now.

One thing is clear...

This guy is the current chip leader

Few people in the room know the man. I know this much. He is from Copengen and his name sounds remarkably like Dan Pedersen. That said, that name doesn't appear on my list of players, so he could be Ken Pedersen, or Frederik Pedersen...or even Daniel Berthelson. Once he's stopped taking everybody's chips, I'll firm up his name. I bothered him enough getting this far. He's sitting with about 170K in chips.

Close behind is Irishman Padraig Parkinson who just doubled up in a big way with AA vs. AK. I put him second in chips with somehwere in the neighborhood of 140K.

Also big in chips right now (although this is not a comprehensive list), are Noah Boeken (aka Exclusive) with about 80K and Mikael Westerlund with about 78K.

And hanging tough with a big stack of his own is Dutchman Marcel Luske. Just a few seconds ago, he stared down an all-in opponent and I was able to squeeze in for my favorite picture of the day.

One last thing before I head back into the room: For friends of online qualifier Justin Bonomo, he's still hanging in there. His stack isn't big, but he's alive.

Standby for more in a while.