Monday, January 31, 2005

In-game report, down to 13

Marcel was peeved. All-in preflop against two bigger stacks, the TD told the dealer to bring in the original bets and only leave Marcel's raise out for everyone to see. Thing was, Marcel had precious few chips left. It made his raise seem...well, puny.

And so he was peeved. Both Mikael Westerlund and Pat McCarthy called. Marcel sat back to wait it out. The flop came down KTT and Westerlund severely underbet the pot, betting only 7000. It seemed suspicious and McCarthy folded. Westerlund turned up JTs for the flopped set. Still peeved and on the verge of elimination, Marcel stewed and watched the turn, an ace. Sure, the jack would give him the broadway straight, but it would also give Mikael the boat. So, Marcel had two outs and tendrils of steam coming out his Dutch nostrils.

Two outs. Two queens.

One of which the dealer turned up on the river.

Like a film run in reverse motion, the steam shot back up into Marcel's nose and came out as a giant "Yahhhh!" as he stood and screamed. He pointed to the dealer. he made a motion that looked like he was grinding a giant pepper mill.

And then he sat back down, tripled up, and back in the game.

We're down to 13 players.

34,684 (Kroner)

16th--Xuyen Pham--Thailand
15th--Padraig Parkinson--Dublin (had some really bad luck today)
14th--Mika Puro

The blinds are going up and we're going back to work.