Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Great Dane is Great Done, and Insta-Photo Gallery

He was the hometown hero. He was the man who proved to be confounding to his tablemates. He was the man who had an entire rail of Danish staff wrapped up in the moment that was the Great Dane.

A big dog that attracks a flock of birds

It's all past tense now, though. After a quick start, Gus trickled to a slow finish, busting out with a short stack, on an unremarkable hand, well out of the money. The crowd gave his a hometown round of applause. And then just as quickly play resumed.

Gus hitches up and moves on out

Also gone is the Devilfish, reportedly busting out on the OOH (only online hand), KK vs AA.

There are quite a few stories to tell in the two levels since the dinner break. But since we're just on an eight-minute respite, let this quick photo gallery suffice as a teaser.

Morten Stenheim, Oslo, King of the Bad Beat. Just wait to you read this suck-out story

Patrik Atonius (left), a jester in the King of Bad Beat's court. You'll feel for this guy.

Terry Jenkins (right), Palm Desert, CA, Frequent Player Point qualifier, hoping to be the Cinderella story

An impressive crowd is forming on the rail

Around 60 players remain out of the start 156.

More in a bit.