Sunday, January 30, 2005

In the money, headed to Sunday

We broke this morning with 18 players remaining, all of them in the money.

I'll have a full report in a little while. Until then, here's your final 18 (with player-reported chip counts...I trust'em, don't you?)

1--Dan Pedersen--181,000
2--Ram Vaswani--151,000
3--Eirik Kolaas--150,000
4--Mikael Westerlund--139,000
5--Bambos Xanthos--131,700
6--Per Hildebrand--107,000
7--Julian Thew--102,000
8--Marcel Luske--83,800
9--Padraig Parkinson--65,300
10--Aleksander "AXABAXA" Cooper--64,900
11--Pat McCarthy--55,800
12--Mika Puro--53,700
13--Noah "Exclusive" Boeken--49,400
14--Birgitta Johansson--42,900
15--Katja Sophie Spillum--35,600
16--Jarl Lindholt--31,900
17--Jarkko Laine--25,000
18--Xuyen Pham--23,800

Play resumes at 2:30pm on Sunday. The way I count, that's about eleven hours from now.