Sunday, January 30, 2005

The Final Eighteen on the Final Day

Final preparations for the EPT final table to all.

We're just a few minutes from beginning the final day of action here in Copenhagen. I thought before we begin, you'd like to see the list of 18.

1--Dan Pedersen--181,000 DENMARK
2--Ram Vaswani--151,000 UK
3--Eirik Kolaas--150,000 NORWAY
4--Mikael Westerlund--139,000 SWEDEN
5--Bambos Xanthos--131,700
6--Per Hildebrand--107,000 SWEDEN
7--Julian Thew--102,000 UK
8--Marcel Luske--83,800 HOLLAND
9--Padraig Parkinson--65,300 IRELAND
10--Aleksander "AXABAXA" Cooper--64,900 NORWAY
11--Pat McCarthy--55,800 USA -
12--Mika Puro--53,700
13--Noah "Exclusive" Boeken--49,400 HOLLAND
14--Birgitta Johansson--42,900
15--Katja Sophie Spillum--35,600
16--Jarl Lindholt--31,900 DENMARK
17--Jarkko Laine--25,000 FINLAND
18--Xuyen Pham--23,800 THAILAND

I'll provide updates this afternoon as frequently as possible. Unfortunately, my internet connection sits in a room adjacent to the poker room. What's more, casino security (read: people whom I'd like to keep in good spirits) like to keep the door to the adjoining room locked. To post, I'm forced to run down stairs, then back upstairs, and into my little hole. So, I can't bring you minute-by-minute action. Rest assured, though, when something big happens, you'll see it here as quickly as I can possible.

I'm also trying to work out the details of a hand-by-hand recount of the final table. The EPT works ever-so-slightly different than the WPT, so a hand-by-hand may be slightly challenging. Nevertheless, if it is in any way possible, you'll see it here.

Action begins shortly. Stay tuned.