Friday, March 11, 2005

E-WSOP Day 2 Insta-Photo Gallery--UPDATED with a few chip counts

Day 2 of the E-WSOP underway

First, if you're in the States and just logging on, here's the wrap-up from Day 1.

Now, some photos.

Denis Kharitonov began the day as chip leader after a day of play on Thursday that confounded his opponents

Cruel, cruel world. Luca Pagano gets sat right next to the guy he faced on the last hand of Day 1. See yesterday's wrap-up to see why this is so cruel.

Jeffrey Rogers, thr English gentleman, ended Day 1 second in chips

Pro-gamer and PokerStars fan, Elky makes it to Day 2

This gentleman took over the role of Supreme Aggressor this morning, going all-in more times than I could count. He came out in front almost every time (although Justin Bonomo did call his 86 offsuit bluff when Bonomo held a pair of aces. This guy is now gettinig a massage after flopping quad aces against an unfortunate player's pair of sixes.

Mika Puro came into the day third in chips

Morton Stenheim, one-time King of Bad Beats, works his stack up to a respectable level

Josh Schiffman recovers from a rough start of Day 2

Action at the Concord Card Casino

As we near the end of Level 11 (800/1600/150), we're down to 52 players. The top 27 will get paid.


Going into the 1000/2000/200 level, here are some random, approximate chip counts (not comprehensive, just somoe people I talked to at the break)...

Mika Puro--140,000
Denis Kharitonov--110,000
Milurat Peric--110,000
jeffrey Rogers--110,000
Josh Schiffman--90,000+
Morton Stenheim--90,000+
Noah Boeken--80,000+
Justin Bonomo--61,000
Ross Boatman--60,000