Friday, March 11, 2005

Mea culpa, Noah, and some frenzied action

First, the action, in breif:

*Jennifer Walsh, (Hickory, NC) came into the day with a large stack and ended up doubling up Tony "Tikay" Kendall and Ross Boatman She called Tony's all-in bet with AQ. Tikay held TT. Then she got all in with pocket fives against Boatman's nines. Again, she lost and now she's gone.

*American John Wells is gone after going to war with a player who had his number. Wells finally got all in with pocket tens against his nemesis. His nemesis held AK and flopped an ace.

*Duke University Mafia member Josh Schiffman has lost a good portion of his stack early in the day, calling a big bet from a guy who made a flush on the turn with 86 of diamonds on a big board that showed both a straight and flush possibility (methinks Josh had the straight).

Now...the mea culpa...

Now down to 60 players, I've been informed by a Noah Boeken proxy that I screwed up. Last night, in writing about a big Boeken hand, I had Noah's hand right, but the order of the board wrong. With his KJ vs. KQ, but he didn't have a four-outer. He got all-in open-ended and then made his straight (not making a four-outer on the river as I incorrectly reported). I have a thousand excuses, but I'll leave it at that and offer a heart mea culpa to Noah (I'll be changing yesterday's news for posterity).

More later.