Thursday, March 10, 2005

Odds and Ends--UPDATED

I've added a mini-photo gallery at the end of this post

  • We're still dealing with frustrating Blogger software issues. There's nothing I can do about that. Hopefully the issues will be resolved quickly. If the updates seem infrequent, that's why.

  • Tournament Director Thomas Kremser just announced the payouts for the E-WSOP. Out of 297 players, 27 will walk away with cash in their pockets. The final eight who make the TV table will be fighting for these prizes (in Euros):

    1) 184,500
    2) 101,400
    3) 51,800
    4) 40,500
    5) 34,500
    6) 28,800
    7) 23,000
    8) 17,300

  • If you're the forgetful type and have had a hard time remembering this address, aforementioned Madame Kaput has come up with a fix. You can now reach this site through the address Madame Kaput, it's much appreciated.

  • How are your favorite players doing? Since I don't know who your favorites are, I'll just mention some better-known names and people I've already mentioned today. Quickly, here are the ins and outs.

    Ram Vaswani
    Mark Ristine
    Henry Terranova
    Isabelle Mercier
    Marcel Luske

    Justin Bonomo (sitting on an above-average stack)
    Tony "Tikay" Kendall form BlondePoker
    Noah Boeken (Winner of Scandinavian Open)
    Kevin Fangerow
    John Gale
    Eirik Kolaas (Final table Scandinavian Open)
    Morton Stenheim (The King of Bad Beats)
    Sami Torbey
    Joe Beevers
    Eric Vanderberg
    Willie Tann
    BadGirl Pham
    (and about 165 other very good players...and a few bad ones)

    More updates as the software allows.

    Mini Insta-Photo Gallery

    Play continues with 165 people left

    ATTENTION OAKLEY SUNGLASSES: John Wells of Corpus Christi Texas needs a sponsor. This guy wears just about every kind of Oakleys you can fathom (some so odd, they have frightened some ladies). Get him while you can. He's one of the chip leaders right now

    Requisite picture of French Open fourth place finisher Justin Bonomo

    Willie Tann makes friends with the dealers

    Above and below are the two members of DUM (that's Duke University Mafia). They are much more intelligent and better players than my hastily-conceived acronym might suggest. The youngsters are both still in the compeition.