Friday, March 11, 2005

Notable names, notable chip-stacks

At some point when I was caught up in a series of all-in bets, Thursday turned into Friday. My body suggested it was time to call it a night. Then I realized we still had two more levels to go. Still, some players have started to pull away and build good stacks. Below is by no means a comprehensive list. We still have 138 players remaining and this list is just a cursory glance around the 14 tables.

One thing seems to be clear. The man I once dubbed "The King of Bad Beats" is, for the moment, the King of Chipstacks.

King Morton Stenheim

Morton Stenheim 69,000 Norway
John Wells 67,000 USA
Ross Boatman 60,000, U.K.
Josh Schiffman, 55,000 USA (Duke University)
Cohen Robert 52,000, France
Justin Bonomo 50,000 USA
"BadGirl Pham" 45,000

Again, this is far from a comprehensive list, but it gives some idea of where we are heading into the eighth level (300/600/75)