Thursday, March 17, 2005

Swedish apocolypse--Dinner break chip counts

How it happened is almost impossible to say. I'm not sure we'll ever hear the full story.

Andreas Harnemo, the man who held a comfortable chip lead just one hour ago...

has lost it all.

All. He's gone.

As the players get ready to head to dinner, here are some chip numbers to tide you over.

Mikail Ustinov: 90K+ (Thanks to Rolf from Poker Pages for the help on this one)
Brandon Schaefer: 90K+
Anthony Lellouche: 70K+
Willie Tann: 70K
Robert Mizrachi: 70K+
Isabelle Mercier: 50K+
Julian Gardner: 55K+
Scott Bush: 50K+
Jan H. 45K+
Ben Sprengers: 45K
Gus Hansen: 40K