Thursday, March 17, 2005

Monte Carlo In-Game Chip Report Updated with Photos

Heading into the 300/600/75 level with 75 players remaining, here are some notable chip stacks.

Andreas Harnemo, 2nd place finisher at EPT Vienna event: 90K+
Markus Golser: 60K
Alex Jacob: 54K
Robert Mizrachi: 54K
Julian Gardner: 50K
Barney Boatman: 50K
John Fanning (of Napster fame): 50K
Anthony Lellouche: 50+ (he was much bigger but just doubled up Yalie Alex Jacob)
Isabelle Mercier: 45K
Ben Sprengers: 44K
Scott Bush: 43K
Alexander Stevic: 40K+
Jan H: 40K
Brandon Schaefer: 37K+
Marcel Luske: 35K

Murderer's Row, from left to right, Julian Gardner, Brandon Schaefer, Andreas Harnemo, and Barney Boatman

John Fanning, one of the brains behind Napster, builds a stack on a table so talkative it became the featured table during the break

Isabelle Mercier, playing good cards and collecting chips

After riding a smaller stack most of the afternoon, Marcel Luske won a big pot just before the break to bring his stack up over 35K

Johnny Chan may have his trademark orange, but Brandon Schaefer has his grapefruit