Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Sitting down at destiny's table

In Monte Carlo, there is no rain, no sleet, and certainly no snow. There is simply sun and a certain sense of destiny. It settled in here last night as the players converged from cities far and wide. Many of these players have made every stop on the European Poker Tour from Barcelona until now. A few sat down last nights for a few hands of poker to further warm their sensibilities.

As I type, more than 200 players are filing into this ornate ballroom and finding their seats on the Italian-crafted tables. The notable names and face are too many to mention. Certainly we have our champions from the other EPT events. We have many of the runners up. Other tournaments have their champions as well. So far today I've seen PokerStars Caribbean Adventure Champion John Gale and 2003 and 2004 World Series of Poker Champions Chris Moneymaker and Greg Raymer.

And beyond the notables, there is a significant number of unknowns here, as well. Many of them are PokerStars Frequent Player Point qualifiers. Others have qualified with cash. I met people from all over last night. Sweden, Denmark, the U.K., Dallas, Missouri, West Virginia, Maryland, and Washington state.

There are a few other neat things worth mentioning, but I'll save them for later. Now it's time to grab our seats in this seat of paradise. The Grand Final of the European Poker Tour is about to begin with prize pool of more than €2 million at stake.