Friday, March 18, 2005

Day Three Insta-Photo Gallery

We are just six players away from the money and now comes the point where people cling to life, the callousses on their fingers (earned from days of riffling chips) are scraping against the ledge that divides the money line.

Today will likely be a series of smaller posts once we hit the money, so keep your eyes open. Here's something to keep your eyes entertained until we reach that point.

Kevin Seeger, chip leader

Day 3 Featured table

Marcel Luske at the featured table

Isabelle Mercier

Frequent Player Point qualifier Scott Bush, again at the featured table

Brandon Schaefer, ever-smiling, brought another grapefruit with him today

Declan Barker

American Nate Kelly hangs on. He's doubled up twice today to make it closer to the money

Robert Mizrachi