Thursday, February 17, 2005

Bubble bursts, heart breaks...and dinner break chip leaders

Before we continue, the Stars staff here in Deauville wishes to send some good wishes toward the Stars support team. We know you're reading and we know you're working very hard today. Thanks and keep your chin up

After a series of spectacular hands and showdowns, we reached the bubble. Twenty-eight players remained when we went hand-to-hand.

Only pictures can tell this story (blurry as the pics are...)

This is Jean-Claude Perera, a man who, under the gun, came in with a small bet

And this is Keith "The Camel" Hawkins, a man who put in a big enough raise from the button to put Jean-Claude all-in. Jean-Claude, after a few seconds thought, called...forcing Hawkins to show...

It was perhaps the only thing Jean-Claude did not want to see...for he turned up...

Folks who read these blogs know I call this match up the OOH! That's "Only Online Hand" for the uninitiated. And it makes all the railbirds go "OOH!" But wait...the flop!

The crowd again went "OOH!" But wait...the turn and river...

It's dramatic any time you see it happen. But when it happens on the bubble and to poor Jean-Claude, it's simply heartbreaking

We're headed to dinner with 27 players remaining. The hope is we'll play down to the final table of eight tonight and take tomorrow off.

The two biggest stacks right now...

Gale is sitting in the neighborhood of 200,000 in chips

Brandon Schaefer of the USA is sitting close to 180,000 in chips

Back after dinner.