Friday, February 18, 2005

To the TV table we go...tomorrow.

Here's the final TV table heading into Saturday

Final Table

Seat 1--Mark Ristine, USA--251,000 (PokerStars online qualifier)
Seat 2--Peter Eichhardt, Sweden--202,000(PokerStars online qualifier)
Seat 3--Jeremy Tuckman, England--372,000
Seat 4--Brandon Schaefer, USA--691,000 (PokerStars online FPP qualifier)
Seat 5--Bob Coombes, England--163,000
Seat 6--Justin Bonomo, USA--124,000 (PokerStars online qualifier)
Seat 7--Carl Olson, USA--349,000(PokerStars online qualifier)
Seat 8--Luca Pagano, Italy--316,000

A full report is on the way. Payouts to the other finishers are below.


It's like watching looped video of a child falling on his face or an old man kicking a dog. The chips have been moving around the final table like a volcanic glacier thaw. That is, fast and furious.

Former chip leader Peter Eichhardt has suffered beat after beat, one of them so terrifyingly ugly he had to call out for a glass of water. He is now one of the shortest stacks at the table.

One-time big-stack Justin Bonomo tried to steal a raise at the wrong time with 49s and ran into Luca Pagano who eventually made quad kings. Bonomo is still in but had his stack cut by 66%.

The Camel departed after pushing all in with 77 and getting a call from AJs. A jack on the flop ended The Camel's roll.

9500 Euro

9--Sami Torbey, France

5400 Euro

10--Keith "The Camel" Hawkins
11-Willie Tann
12-Mike "Lucky Blind" Lacey, Ireland (PokerStars online qualifier)

4500 Euro

13-Sam Orams, England
14--Peter Dalhuijsen, Holland
15--Jerome Zerbib, France

3600 Euro
16--Eric Vanderburg, Holland
17--Tony "Tikay" Kendall, England
18--Melanie Lofthouse, England